Xbox – Will a downloaded Xbox Live Arcade game use saves from the same disc game


I have the PopCap Hits 2 collection on Xbox 360, but the Xbox sounds like a vacuum cleaner reading that very disc (it's silent with all my other games). I play Plants vs Zombies a lot, and I'm thinking of buying it from the arcade store just so I can play it without the disc. I won't bother if it can't read my current save files though.

Additional info: The Xbox appears to treat the games on the compilation disc as individual arcade games – When I insert the disc each of the games pops up as a separate arcade game in the game list.

Best Answer

You should be able to use the Plants Vs. Zombies save under the following conditions:

  1. Go to your saved games view.
  2. Scroll down to the P section.
  3. You should see an entry for Plants Vs. Zombies.
  4. Open it and see if there is a save game there that you own.

If there is a Plants Vs. Zombies saved game, then the downloadable version should recognize the file and load it with no appreciable difference. I haven't heard about any differences between versions, but you should probably try looking around the PvZ Wikia for more info on the file format.