Zoombinis level ascension


How is stage difficulty determined?

I look into my Zoombini map to be greeted by something strange. Some levels are on "Very Very Hard" difficulty, while others are not even close.

"Titanic Tattooed Toads" and others on that path are on red stage; so how can this be when the Mountains Of Despair are only yellow? What constitutes differences in selection?

Is it the amount played at that path (Who's Bayou, The Mountains Of Despair, etc) that determines the color of one of the path's sections?

I'm kind of against the idea, actually, considering this. Before one and after both campsites, the difficulty is different. Currently "Allergic Cliffs", "Stone Cold Caves", and "Pizza Pass" are hardest difficulty, so you can see that the mediocre difficulty of the Mountains Of Despair is quite disappointing.

Another possibility is number of trips made with the most possible amount of Zoombinis (16). My Zoombinis often collide in BubbleWonder Abyss, so I barely ever get 16 across.

Is my problem

  • The amount played on one path

  • Flawless completion on my task

Or is this something different?

Best Answer

The only thing that determines difficulty is the amount of times you have completed that section, i.e. run a group of Zoombinis from the first to the third level in each section of the map. The amount of Zoombinis you get through does not matter.

The first section and the final section are the easiest to increase the difficulty on, because you will always complete these sections on your journey.

The middle sections however, you can choose one or the other. Therefore it is entirely possible to complete only one path, therefore keeping it equal with the first and third section, or alternate between the two, keeping the difficulty only half as bad as the first and final sections.

As for the "flawless completion of your task", this actually leads to an achievement: Completing a section of the map, 3 times, with a full group of 16 Zoombinis (1 achievement for each section of the map).