[RPG] 3.5e rules on racial feats at character creation


Racial Feats. Depending on the creature type of the character’s race,
he begins with a number of feats. These feats may be used however the
character likes, provided he meets the prerequisites before adding any
class levels. Feats requiring other feats as prerequisites are
permissible, as long as the required feats are selected at the same
Because the character gains these racial feats, he does not gain
a feat when he adds his first level of a character class
(Races of Faerûn, pg 7)

So this passage says two things to me:

  1. If you get racial feats, you don't get a class feat at first level
  2. If one of your racial feats requires other feats, you can take them
    at character creation before adding your class.

The question is, how are you able to take more feats [if a racial feat requires them], especially if you also are not getting the first level class feat?

Best Answer

The Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting (3.0) has a list of Regional feats and the Players Guide to Faerûn (3.5) updated that list. Unless I am mistaken a single Regional Feat along with a single Racial Feat are available but only at 1st level.

In addition, certain classes have automatic Feats at 1st Level. A fighter and a Human get insane feat bonuses. The DM II also had the Woodsman Mentor (p. 178) which gave a limited Track Feat, but of course you would then need to take the Apprentice Feat first, unless you use this for a zero-level character HouseRule or something.

There are a number of ways you get to take more than one feat at first level.