[RPG] A 2 Player RPG for buddies?


If myself and an old buddy sit down for a night of roleplaying, what game can we use? I've heard of a couple of romantic games, but they're not really for buddies. Are they? Suggestions please.

I'm looking for a game that provides two friends with a collaborative storytelling experience. I'd prefer a game that delivers character development as well as adventure. I'm not looking for a tactical game, nor a game of romance. Something to promote creativity, enthusiasm and fun stories?

Best Answer

Mars Colony is an excellent 2-player roleplaying game that was just released.

You each take the roles of the Savior of Mars who's being politically "air-dropped" from Earth into the Mars Colony to help solve its problems, and the role of the story-guide who introduces those problems, complicates them, and roleplays the locals the Savior interacts with. It's a great little game about politics, whether ends justify means, lies and scandal, and personal integrity that plays out in somewhere between 40 minutes and under a couple hours. (Being short, you can play a few times in a row, trading roles.) The dice mechanics are simple but present hard (i.e., interesting) choices, and the scene-based structure gives opportunities for personal-level roleplaying as well as fast-paced action—without forcing either—so there are lots of opportunities to try different sorts of roleplaying in small doses.

I've heard of a couple of romantic games, but they're not really for buddies. Are they?

Romantic games aren't designed especially for romantically-involved players (though most play reports of them I've read, the players have been romantic partners). The games aren't about the players having romantic feelings for each other any more than a game about orc-slaying is about the players having a hate-on for "real" orcs. Two-player games that produce romance stories aren't going to be everyone's taste anymore than romance novels are, of course, but two definitely-straight guy friends can definitely play a romance game if they want. It depends on the players whether that turns out awesome or uncomfortable, just as when any difficult emotional theme comes up in a game. It's probably easier to sit down to play such a game for an established couple because they know before the game starts that there's not going to be any or much awkwardness between them about the subject, is all. Since they're designed to be short they can be worth trying to find out if they're enjoyable.