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D&D 5e's Hoard of the Dragon Queen has a creature called a "dragonclaw." It's humanoid, and it can apparently be of higher rank than a typical cultist or kobold. However, I am not finding any descriptions of this creature other than simple numeric stats.

What is a dragonclaw? What would it generally look like?

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A Dragonclaw is the title for a higher-ranking cultist. You can find the description and stat block in the Monsters Appendix of Hoard of the Dragon Queen. (Dragonwings, Dragonfangs, and Dragonsouls are also ever-higher ranking cultists.)

You can find more material on each of the ranks in "Cult Structure" in the introduction of Rise of Tiamat. And for a visualization check out either p.71 of HotDQ hardcover or p.6 of the HotDQ Encounters .pdf.

Dragonclaw Cultist from encounters pdf

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