[RPG] a good item vs Undead in D&D 3.5


I've been out of D&D for a long time, but getting involved in a new campaign, heavily weighted with undead. I'm playing a Paladin and the DM is allowing us choice of item. Not sure what to get considering the campaign type. He didn't indicate cost limits, and some person already received approval for Holy Composite Longbow+1 and Dwarven waraxe with bane (undead) and keen for examples. Thanks!

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It depends whether you want to be a key damage dealer or not. (And how much $$ your DM is letting you have to equip.)

The Holy Avenger is a good choice that augments defense of the paladin and the entire party, so if you want to be a support/healer/defending type it's great.

If you want to deal damage, undead bane is great and cheap.

Holy actually isn't quite as good specifically against undead (and there are neutral undead, warning!) but if you're also going to be dealing with demons and devils and stuff has wider utility, and it bypasses "good" DR.

At mid to high levels most undead will be incorporeal and you will really, really need ghost touch. It's also nice and cheap. (You definitely want this on armor too)

Disruption is more useful at low levels. A DC 14 Will save is reasonably easy to make and it leaves you with zero damage enhancement. Better if you have lots of attacks (two weapon) or don't have good damage anyway and the chance of instakill is better (like a rogue with no damage bonus but high sneak attack).

So I'd tend to say "undead bane + ghost touch" for damage (+3 equiv), holy (+3 equiv) if your game isn't really going to be all about undead, and holy avenger if you can get away with it and want to be a support type.

If you're allowed the Magic Item Compendium and its glorious, glorious cheese, look at the Crystal of Screening (provides incorporeal touch protection), or Lifekeeping (protects against death effects).

In terms of weapons, there is a Divine Wrath weapon enchant that gives you +1d6 per point of CHA bonus at the cost of a turn undead attempt - your character style might dictate that fewer big punches are better than +2d6 on lots of punches. Ghost Strike probably isn't worth it. Sacred is a suboptimal mix of holy and undead bane, but you can put Sacred Burst atop it if it's your thing.

And truedeath crystals are a cheap way of getting an additional d6 of damage; their price doesn't up the "plusses cost" so if you're dealing with a high plus weapon, it's less expensive than adding more enchants and you can port it to later weapons you find that are "good but aren't ghost touch" for example.

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