[RPG] a spell for preventing a chest burster


Context: Me and my party (Summoner, Ninja, Ranger, Alchemist, I'm a cleric, all level 11) are in a fairly standard setting, when we stumble upon a crashed spaceship that has been infested with disease. Long story short, we're trapped in a zombie apocalypse-meets-Alien type scenario. There are lots of infected humanoids trying to eat us, we're quickly going insane, and there is something growing inside of each of us that is trying to get out (clawing pains in our stomachs).

I'm looking for some spells, preferably on the cleric list, that could potentially deal with (negate or delay) the chest burster aspect. I know heal is good for mental conditions. I have access to spells level 6 and lower.

As a side note, we have a way to recharge spent resources, including preparing new spells, at the cost of "tearing apart our soul" (probably exp loss), so if I find a good spell I can prepare it on the fly.

While I doubt our GM would allow us to completely bypass a major mechanic, he does like to reward creativity so even if something won't cure us it might give us the time we need to escape since we are all about to die otherwise.

Some extra background info:

  • We are inside the ship
  • The way in is no longer accessible (covered in a swarm of giant death ants, to be precise)
  • We need a key card and a code to access a different level (we have a code, we don't know if it's the right one)
  • Our GM hates Teleport and similar effects
  • The ship is eventually going to wipe out all life on the planet
  • My god, Gozreh, appeared to me as we were entering and told me that it's going to be very difficult and what we do will be a tipping point for the whole world, and that the gods can't see or affect anything inside the ship (which is why we are using our souls to recharge our stuff).
  • Our Alchemist is immune to both disease and poison, and he is still being affected
  • I will probably die from the time related effects last

Best Answer

The typical spell for dealing with implanted eggs is Remove Disease:

The spell also kills some hazards and parasites, including green slime and others.

An example of a creature very similar to a chest burster is the Lunarma:

Implant Eggs (Ex)

As a full-round action, a lunarma can lay 2d6 eggs in a helpless creature. The eggs hatch after 24 hours and each deals 1 point of Con damage per hour as they feed on the host. After 1d2 days of eating, the larvae crawl out and find a safe place to mature into adults. A remove disease spell rids a creature of all implanted eggs or larvae, or they can be removed one at a time by using the Heal skill to treat deadly wounds.

The Lunarma record also suggests another alternative: Using the Heal skill to Treat Deadly Wounds.

Treat Deadly Wounds is also how you remove an implanted bomb:

Removing an implanted bomb requires a Heal check to treat deadly wounds, followed by a dispel magic spell or Disable Device check to neutralize the bomb (DC = 11 + alchemist's caster level).

Naturally, your DM is free to say "but mine are different."