[RPG] A way to water-proof equipment on short notice


So, our 3.5 party is about to make a quick dive to the next story location, and just before that, our Bard remembers that he don't want to get his lute wet since it would damage the instrument. Then, the wizard, who carries around several books, including the Spellbook, remembers that books and water do not mix well, and for in-character reason neither of them wants to just let it be and use "Prestidigitation" dry their stuff afterwards. The location is on a fey territory (so, no hunting), with no shops and stuff around, and there is one hour max 'till the dive. The party is on 4-5 HD and is pretty low on magic items for its level (no fancy Bags of Holding and stuff)

Since I don't know what others have in their inventories/spell lists, I'll describe only what the wizard has what can help:

Alter Self (wizard's type is humanoid of normal size, his familiar's is tiny and, of course, a magical beast. The world is kind of a generic dnd world and I'm not sure I'll be able to get anything that is out of MMs and other official books)
Familiar Pocket (I'm not sure if it allows the familiar to get holded items into the pocket, and how much of them)
Mage Armor (but afaik, it does not get spellcaster and his belongings water-proofed)

The wizard also has several candles (which can be melted to wax-coat something, but there are no large hard containers to use it at, and a wax-coating on a usual bag would crack pretty quickly)

How can I get the lute (6 lb), the spellbook (6 lb), several books and a lot of papers (10-20 lb) safe through the waterous hazards which shall befall on the party? The solution shall not damage the items more than the water does (like, getting 'em covered in something nasty), nor shall it come from something not-strictly-allowed by the official sources (RAW)

Best Answer

Do you have access to new spells? If so have the wizard pick up Hoard Gullet out of Dragon Magic. Turns yourself into a bag of holding.

If you're trying to make the Alter Self thing work ask your DM about the final paragraph of Alter Self. Depending on his ruling you may be able to strap your stuff to your legs and then Alter Self into a Merfolk which has a fish tail instead of legs and absorb the equipment into your form, plonking them out when you shift back to your base form at the end of the duration.

Keep in mind that Alter Self has a really short duration for any sort of long-term stuff.

When the change occurs, your equipment, if any, either remains worn or held by the new form (if it is capable of wearing or holding the item), or melds into the new form and becomes nonfunctional. When you revert to your true form, any objects previously melded into the new form reappear in the same location on your body they previously occupied and are once again functional. Any new items you wore in the assumed form and can’t wear in your normal form fall off and land at your feet; any that you could wear in either form or carry in a body part common to both forms at the time of reversion are still held in the same way. Any part of the body or piece of equipment that is separated from the whole reverts to its true form.