[RPG] Aced d4s vs skill development in Savage Worlds


Is there errata covering aced rolls when skills are at low levels vs higher?

I've heard of players staying at rudimentary skill in order to reward themselves with aced rolls more frequently than those with higher dice.

Sorta seems like a game breaker to me.

Best Answer

Here is the errata for Savage Worlds Deluxe. There is no mention of changing dice rolls.

In practice, this issue will rarely show up. Consider rolling a d4 or d6 to hit a target number (TN) of 6. The d4 has a slightly better chance of being successful.

d4: 1/4*3/4 = 3/16 or 18.75%
d6: 1/6 = 1/6 or 16.66%

However, skill rolls are only part of the game. Even though increasing fighting from d4 to d6 is slightly worst for a TN of 6, it also provides a +1 parry. There are several edges that require skills of a certain die, forcing you to upgrade them.

Finally, remember that the advantage only holds true for specific TNs. With our d4/d6 example, the d6 is more likely to hit a TN of 8 than the d4 is.

d4: 1/4*1/4 = 1/16 or 6.25%
d6: 1/6*5/6 = 5/36 or 13.88%

And of course, the more sides a die has, the greater the average roll is. As you reach ever increasing TNs (ex: shooting a man with cover from a moving vehicle), higher dice still provide better odds.

Because this problem only applies to very specific TNs (d4/d6 with TN of 6, d6/d8 with TN of 8, etc), I would only compensate for it if your players are trying to abuse it (and the at most 2% advantage they get bugs you). You can easily add 1 to the TN, breaking their strategy without really changing gameplay.

tl;dr The problem you mention is a tiny edge case that has an extremely minimal impact on actual gameplay. A player keeping their skills intentionally low will inevitably regret it as challenges become harder.

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