[RPG] Action in Combat , Can I make a full attack with touch attacks for a trigger spell


Myself and the other characters have 10 levels for templates or monster class and 8 levels for class levels, with Divine Power I gain a bab equal my character level. (18 right?).

I cast Shivering Touch spell first and 1 round after I make full attack with touch attack, so for my bab 18 I can do 4 attacks 18/15/10/5 .

Will anyone attack trigger Shivering Touch?

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Best Answer

Not normally. Activating a wand is either a standard action (core) or the same action it takes to cast the spell the wand holds (Rules Compendium). Even under Rules Compendium, I do not know of any spell that can be cast in place of an attack.1

That said, some touch-attack spells last for multiple touches; chill touch is the classic case of that. So you can cast it (including from a wand) as a standard action and touch once, but then on the subsequent turn you can full-attack with the charge, which will last. Unfortunately, that’s a rather rare property, and the only attack spells like that are all sorcerer/wizard spells. Chill touch itself appears on the Cold Domain, and parching touch appears in the Thirst Domain, so those are conceivable options for a cleric.

Note that shivering touch is not such a spell. The duration line on shivering touch is an error, or indicates that something else about the spell is in error, because it makes no sense there. But note the format of chill touch: it is Instantaneous, and the Targets line is the one to indicate that it can be used repeatedly. That is how this “multi-touch” property is indicated. Shivering touch does not have that. Since it deals damage, it should be Instantaneous, or perhaps it should apply a penalty rather than damage, which would have the indicated duration. Either way works; ask your DM. The former is extremely powerful; the latter is pretty solid without being ridiculous, and is therefore recommended.

Double Wand Wielder in Complete Mage allows you to dual-wield wands and use both at the same time in a full-round action (using 2 charges from each wand), but that’s hardly the same as a full-attack.

The 13th-level duskblade upgrade to their Arcane Channeling feature allows you to “cast” a single melee touch-range spell “you know” and apply it to all of your attacks in a full-attack action. I put quotes around those words because, as @Forrestfire recently discovered/pointed out to me, wands technically say you cast the spell within. If you also know the spell contained in the wand, you could arguably “cast” it from the wand for the sake of Arcane Channeling. That would require you to have 13 levels of duskblade, however.

1 Well, in official material, anyway; I wrote a fairly popular homebrew class that did exactly that.