[RPG] AD&D 1e Cleric / Thief Weapons (by the book)


Talking to my DM for a new campaign last night about playing a Cleric / Thief, he's suggested that Cleric Thieves shouldn't be allowed to use edged weapons.

BtB is there anything that contradicts this?

His view is based on the fact that the PHB specifically states that Cleric / "Fighter-type" multi-classes can use edged weapons but says nothing about other Cleric multi-classes, therefore he says by exclusion (that is as nothing is stated) they can't.

My view would be if you say that a thief can only use weapons available to both thieves and clerics you're limiting it to a club which seems improbable that that was intended…

Views? Ideally with citations from the PHB / DMG?

Best Answer

Page 33 of the PHB states

Cleric combinations (with fighter types) may use edged weapons.

But later on it states

Cleric/Magic-user: This combination gives the character a great variety and selection of spells, as well as the use of armor and more weapons. Hit points are somewhat better than those of the magic-user class alone. Half-elves may be cleric/magic-users.

If the Cleric/Magic-user can use the non blunt weapons of a magic user then it follows that that the 1/2 Orc Cleric/Thief can use the Thief weapon list as well.

Coupled with the note for half orcs on page 16

When playing a multi-classed character, the half-orc must abide by the restrictions of the least favorable class with regard only to armor.

You have a good case for your interpretation.