[RPG] Adding Magi-Tech to 5E


I am going to be running a 5th Edition campaign set in a future of a previous campaign. I want to add "magi-tech", but very sparingly.

My question is: Are there any official sources for this type of thing? Rules or anything? I know 5E is new so it might not, but I thought I'd ask.

I've heard that Eberron has some magi-tech things (I've never played it). Would the campaign guide for 4E be good to pull ideas from or would it not make sense rules-wise?

Best Answer

In the Dungeon Master's Guide (pp. 267-268), there are rules for firearms, including future items (e.g., laser pistol, antimatter rifle and a laser rifle, along with modern weapons). Also explosives, including grenades. There are also rules on 'alien technology' in the DMG (pg 268) which is rules for a character figuring out how to use technology works.

For most technology (magi-tech or otherwise), I would use these rules and simply treat it as a magic item with similar properties. Jet pack is a broom of flying, a computer is a scroll of some divination spell (with recharging charges) and a hovercraft is an airship or flying carpet, etc., perhaps with limited charges.

Since the DMG also features guidelines on making spells, you can make up an ability with those guidelines and treat items as either scrolls or wands to simulate technology.