[RPG] Adventurer’s salary


I'm trying to calculate how much gold adventurer's are supossed to earn each day. Unfortunately I can't find an answer on the books. The closer thing I found is the treasure hoards rewards for a full campaign, or the adjusted xp earned per day, but those are far from perfect.

The reason is that I'm running a campaign with a bunch of npc's contractors, but I want a solid way to calculate payments.

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There's no rule for adventurers, but skilled hirelings get 2gp/day

There is no rule in 5e for an adventurer's daily salary. You could likely calculate something based on how much PC's are expected to bring in at a given level for an average day in the dungeon but, as you already realized, it's far from perfect.

So what is there? PHB p.159 gives a list of services PCs can purchase that includes skilled hirelings for 2gp/day. The paragraph above gives the example of, "Mercenary soldiers paid to help the adventures take on a hobgoblin army are hirelings", so apparently skilled hirelings will go in to battle for you.

For comparison a comfortable life style costs 2gp/day so the hirelings are reasonably well off assuming they are working more often than not.

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