[RPG] Alternative means of rendering .dnd4e files


Besides the .csl file for DDI Character builder available here, are there any novel ways of creating printable 4e character sheets that are more effective than the default printed sheets? Are there any programs besides character builder able to render them well?

Is there any way to render a character sheet from .dnd4e file to a A4 page?

While i4e and iplay4e do excellent jobs of electronic character sheet management, this question is interested in programs that will eventually render to PDF or printer.

The question is about parsing and rendering the .dnd4e or resultant xml file, not merely printing to PDF. If a .csl file is available for character builder that makes it suitable for a4, however, it is of interest.

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DIY for Techies

The .dnd file is XML, so it can be translated into other forms. Of course, this requires understanding of XML and the target format, and an thorough grounding in XML translation techniques (probably XSLT). Write a program to read the .dnd file, translate the XML into HTML, PDF, or Open Document format, and then print it from there.

I do not know of anyone who has done this yet. There are likely copyright and EULA issues to overcome before someone could create and share such a program.

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