[RPG] Alternative to Barbarian’s Rage in DnD 3.X


I'm not fond of the Barbarian's Rage ability. Whenever I roll up a Barbarian character, I think of the character more as a "brick" – strong, powerful and seemingly unstoppable, like…

I don't envision any of these characters (or my own) as being in a battle trance, foaming at the mouth with rage.

The Barbarian's Rage, however, is fairly key to the class in 3.X edition.

What are alternatives to giving a Barbarian a Rage ability?

Best Answer

Looking at this thread, there are a few of rage-substitute class features that fit the style you want: - Berserker Strength (PHB 2, p 33): Lose rage. Gain a rage that activates every time your hp drops to below 5x your barbarian level. - Crafty Hunter (UA, p 58): Gain favored enemy, archery combat style, improved archery combat style, and greater archery combat style. Lose rage and indomitable will.

The best way to simulate Fezzik is with monk. Call him a brute, but the various unarmed attacks and some of the class features (suitably renamed) fit him quite well, especially with "Decisive Strike (PHB 2, p 51): Lose flurry of blows, gain ability to make one attack that deals double damage." and "Durable (UA, p 58): Gain damage reduction as barbarian. Lose speed enhancement bonus and bonus to AC (but not wisdom to AC)."

The best way to simulate He-man is with Ranger. He even has an animal companion and dual-wields.

The best way to simulate Ox, especially with his superhuman strength and durability is Psychic Warrior, fighter, or equivalent with... a depressing number of templates.

The best way to simulate Bamm-Bamm ... is with Psychic Warrior, his "hitting the floor and causing it to shake" is a great reflavouring of "Shout"

The essence is found in OOTS, where your job "title" doesn't come from your class levels.