[RPG] Ambient Sounds (not music!)


I'm currently running a campaign with highly interactive players who do a lot of exploring, debating, politicizing, weaving intrigues, etc., etc. (We rarely have real fights, maybe once every 5-10 hours played) Music is TSFH, Zack Hemsey, Audiomachine, etc (I can really recommend this for your action / climax playlist!), but this is mostly epic-trailer-music, not fitting "common actions".

Especially for exploring and "everyday conversations" (in a pub or a tavern for example), I need ambient sounds. (In a murky cave: The sound of little creatures running around, water dropping from the ceiling or in a pub indifferent conversation, laughter, I think you catch the drift.)

Are there any smaller or larger sound file archives for that?

To clarify: I'm thankful for app suggestions and will definitely look into them, but a straight-up collection of sounds would be enough.

Best Answer

Ambiance - sound effect mixer, allows you to make a playlist. They have a huge list of sounds you can download and mix as you like. I think you can also upload sounds as well.

The app has versions for IOS, Android, and desktops. My wife uses the IOS app daily so that's the only one I've see work. It seems simple and clear to me.

Here are some other sources of sounds, no app required.

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