[RPG] Any Druid class variants that replace Animal Companion without degrading Wild Shape


I am working on a Druid build that takes 10 levels in a prestige class that does not advance their Animal Companion. Are there class variants that replace the Animal Companion without affecting their Wild Shaping in a negative way? Or should I not bother with these?

Best Answer

The list of Alternate Class Features has several options for Druids who want to drop their animal companion.

  • Druidic Avenger (UA, p 51): no animal companion or spontaneous casting, penalty to wild empathy. Gain fast movement and rage.

  • Urban Companion (CS, web): Instead of a normal animal companion, instead gain something similar to a familiar.

  • 1st Shifter Druid Substitution Levels (RE, p 126): add balance, climb, and jump to class skills: Beast Spirit (grants powers and abilities as level increase), replaces animal companion. Requires you to be a Shifter.

Furthermore, there are several ACFs that modify Animal Companion instead of dropping it completely. It might be that you can gain something from them even without full progression.

  • Elemental Companion (CM, p 33): Gain an Elemental as a companion instead of an animal.

  • Phynxkin Companion (DrM, p 13): Gain a phynxkin instead of your normal animal companion.