[RPG] Any free and private wiki-like services for campaign tracking?


In one of our long running (3+ years) campaigns we've wound up with a wealth of information the DM and players can't keep track of.

All of us agree on introducing a wiki to track our information (a friend suggested pbwiki) might be our best solution. The DM has introduced a lot of "original" characters he doesn't want to "let out into the world yet"…

Is there a free wiki provider that has some privacy options, or any similar alternative? We're wanting to make something web-based, just in case we forget our notes. Thanks in advance!

Best Answer

You're looking for Obsidian Portal.

Obsidian Portal is specifically designed to allow tabletop RPG groups to build their own internal wikis. The privacy options are apparently undergoing an upgrade right now, but if nothing else you can set the whole campaign as private, so that nothing is viewable to anyone except people you invite.