[RPG] Are cantrips spells


There are a number of class features that provide benefits to 'spells'. For example, the Eldritch Knight's attacks can give an enemy disadvantage on saving throws from the EK's spells.

Do cantrips count as spells for the purposes of such features?

Obviously, in previous editions when cantrips were just 0-level spells, they would have. However, in 5e there is a level of differentiation between cantrips and spells.

Best Answer

Cantrips are spells.

A cantrip is a spell ... A cantrip’s spell level is 0. (PHB, p. 201)

There are certain class features that require a spell, or a spell slot, of level 1 or above (The Life Cleric's Blessed Healer feature for instance) and as such cantrips would not qualify for these. For all other spell casting features, they would qualify.