[RPG] Are children reincarnated as adults


I was considering porting a character from an earlier edition of the game, who had been reincarnated before becoming an adult. This is purely backstory, however it got me thinking about how this would work in game.

I don't know if the spell changed between editions, or if I had missed it entirely but the wording now makes me wonder how reincarnation works when reincarnating non-adults?

You touch a dead humanoid or a piece of a dead humanoid. Provided that the creature has been dead no longer than 10 days, the spell forms a new adult body for it and then calls the soul to enter that body. If the target's soul isn't free or willing to do so, the spell fails.

Emphasis mine.

Do infants/children/teenagers get reincarnated as adults? Are there any in-game rules ramifications?

Best Answer

RAW, it appears they are given an adult body

You have quoted and emphasised the relevant text; it appears that RAW, a dead child would be resurrected into an adult body.

However, I highly doubt this is Rules As Intended. I imagine the designers weren't thinking of dead children when they wrote this, assuming that this would only ever come up for adults.

I think any DM would be highly advised to give resurrected children an age-appropriate body, since things could get very weird otherwise.

In your case, I think it's especially recommended to assume a sensible ruling, unless you wanted a child who skipped several years or emotional maturation to suddenly become part of your backstory (which I'm guessing wasn't your intention).