[RPG] Are immobile objects paralyzed


Suppose we're trying to set a catapult on fire while defending a siege (and the nearby Kobolds firing it aren't strong enough to be able to move it).

That catapult can't move or speak, and can't take actions or reactions (incapacitated). It seems like it's paralyzed. Does that mean that attack rolls against it have advantage? So, if our wizard wants to set it on fire with a Fire Bolt spell, does the attack roll against it have advantage?

More generally, do attack rolls against incapacitated creatures that can't move have advantage, even if they're not necessarily paralyzed?

Best Answer

The answer is on page 246 of the DMG.

Armor Class. An object's Armor Class is a measure of how difficult it is to deal damage to the object when striking it (because the object has no chance of dodging out of the way). The Object Armor Class table provides suggested AC values for various substances.

So in the case of attacking object AC means something different than what it means when it comes to attacking a NPC or monster. So the paralyze condition would not logically apply as an object AC has nothing to do whether it is still or not.

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