[RPG] Are ‘Mechs included in A Time of War’s core book


I'm considering buying The latest core book for BattleTech RPG, and from the 7 page preview on DriveThruRPG I can't tell whether there are any mechs given playable stats in the book.

Given that from prior dabbling in the BattleTech universe you have to buy additional books to get additional 'Mech designs, I'm a little concerned that this is more of the same and I'll be splashing out for more books in little to no time.

Are there any 'Mechs included in the core book, and if so what are they?

Best Answer

While the rules for doing vehicle combat are included in the core book, actual Vehicle stats are not included. This is because (like in older editions) the information for 'Mechs is not as simple as a two line stat block. To properly be displayed, it takes at least half of a page. This is why they defer to Total Warfare for the larger scale combat and to the books of record sheets, which thankfully the system really hasn't changed much over the years.

There is software to get the 'Mech sheets by demand so that you can print whatever you need whenever you need them, but they like to sell the books (which I believe allow you to copy as much as you want [legally] once you own the record book).