[RPG] Are the Light Domain Cleric cantrips in addition to the 3 starting cantrips


The Cantrips known chart for a level 1 cleric states you know 3 cantrips at level 1. The light domain cleric at level one gets the light cantrip if she doesn't already know it.

So, does a light domain cleric get 4 cantrips at level 1? Could I take 3 other cantrips and then be granted Light from my domain?

Best Answer

Yes, and this and Nature are the only Domains that gets an extra cantrip, so other clerics still have 3 at first level while Light and Nature Domains gets 3 plus Light / (Druid cantrip).

All the clerics get bonus cantrips as they grow up levels as you can see in the Player's Handbook (PHB) page 57, starting at 3 and reaching 5 at level 10th, the Light and Nature clerics will have his extra Light / (Druid cantrip) cantrips, so they are an exception between clerics.