[RPG] Are there alternative ways to gain XP


As a new DM I'm wondering Is there's such a thing as noncombat experience? For example, can PCs gain xp from finding and disabling traps, discovering secret doors, or solving puzzles? What would be an appropriate amount of XP to award a level 1 PC were I to award XP for such events?

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In the 5e DMG on page 261 there are

Noncombat Challenges

You use the DC required and the risk involved in lieu of CR as a guideline to the difficulty level, and then use the combat encounter guidelines to assign the exact amount of XP. The author recommends that XP only be awarded when there is a meaningful risk of failure. Note that risk does not have to mean loss of hit points or life. It could be a major complication to the current goal.


There is also the option on page 164 to assign XP when the characters reach various milestones. A Major milestone is the same as a hard encounter and a Minor milestone is an easy encounter.

While not mentioned, this system could be used for individual awards as a character achieves personal goals.

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