[RPG] Are there any alignment restrictions for Zhentarim members in Adventurer’s League


I was wondering if there were any specific rules in D&D 5e (Adventurer's League) with regards to alignment for members of the Zhentarim.

When looking at the Wizard's website, the DMG and the Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide, I can't find any specific rules nor guidelines as to alignment restrictions.

The only mention I can find is in the Adventurer's League Player's Guide v3.0, where it states: "The following alignments are not allowed in the D&D Adventurers League: Neutral evil, Chaotic evil. In addition, the following alignment is restricted to Lords’ Alliance or Zhentarim faction characters only:
Lawful evil."(page 4).

Can I take this to mean that, if you want to be Lawful Evil, you must be a member of either Lords' Alliance or Zhentarim, but that any other alignment (other than Neutral evil and Chaotic evil) is also acceptable for a member of Zhentarim?

Best Answer

Yes, alignment is restricted in Adventurers League.

You've quoted the correct portion of the AL Player's Guide.

  1. NE and CE are outright banned.

  2. LE is allowable for either a member of Lords' Alliance or a member of Zhentarim only.

  3. all other alignments are playable by any faction. Including Zhent.

This alignment restriction has appeared in the same form in each of the three seasons to date.