[RPG] Are there any existing magical/artificial replacement arms written up


So I lost my arm after shoving it into a cube and it getting cutoff… Honestly, I have been playing my character Wyn Wynn as a pretty straight forward Paladin of Lathander. I am new to the group I play with and the DM and players have given me credit and said I have been playing my character well and even like him as a character even if sometimes my character butts heads with one of the other characters. But now I want to stick out a bit and claim some glory for my own.

As I said I have just lost my arm, fun stuff truly but as luck would have it, we accepted a quest that if we clear out the tomb, we all get one wish. Now, assuming great Wyn Wynn the now one armed badass paladin lives, I was wondering: are there anything written about having an artificial limb or magical one in any of the official 5e D&D handbooks? I am hoping to wish myself a new arm that is magical or artificial. Not that my old Half-Elf arm wasn't great, regrowing it just isn't what I am looking for.

Best Answer

The book Eberron: Rising from the Last War includes the prosthetic limb magic item (page 278):

This artificial limb replaces a hand, arm, foot, leg, or similar appendage that was lost or removed. While the prosthetic is attached and attuned to you, it functions identically to the body part it is replacing. You can detach or reattach it as an action, and it can’t be removed by anyone else.

If you have multiple prosthetic limbs, they count as a single magic item with regard to the number of magic items you can attune to.

Ventilating lungs (found on page 279), a prosthetic set of lungs, are also listed:

These metallic nodules were created in response to the poisonous gases used on the battlefields of the Last War. When you attune to these lungs, they replace the lungs in your chest, which disappear. The lungs allow you to breathe normally, even in an antimagic field, and their breathing function can’t be suppressed by magic.