[RPG] Are there any playable races that are Fine


I was watching a live party when it suddenly occured to me that a never saw a fine playable creature. But now that I'm thinking about it, I kinda fancy the idea to play Tinkerbell's male counterpart. I looked into faeries, but the pixies are about 30cm high. When I'm picturing a faerie, I imagining a small winged humanoid, maybe 10 cm high – only fine creature fits this size category. I'm not really into playing a winged garden gnome, fluff-wise.

The only fine creature that I found is the puppeteer, from 3.5 edition. I'm wondering if there is any race that can fill the following requirements:

  1. Less than 20cm – Fine or a small Diminutive creature (Fine: <15cm, Diminutive, <30cm)

  2. Intelligent enough to be a playable race.

  3. Winged would be a plus, but isn't necessary.

I don't know if puppeteer still exist in Pathfinder but the concept seems fun. I obviously won't be able to make a great warrior of a fine creature, but as support character could be quite interesting and challenging to play.

Best Answer

There's a list of all Paizo playable races, and none of them go smaller than Small. The shortest is the halfling; the shortest halfling (according to the "random height" table) is 2ft 8in which is 81.3cm.

For third-party races there is the kval which is size "tiny". The shortest kval is 10 inches (25.4cm) tall.

For not too much money (3040gp total, I believe) you could pay a ninth-level wizard to cast a permanent reduce person spell on you, cutting your height in half again.

An eighth level druid can take the form of a Diminutive animal for eight hours, and can do this three times per day -- so essentially you could be a Diminutive animal forever if you wanted. For example you could be a thrush which is around 20cm long. If your intent is to play a dedicated spellcaster this is not a bad tactic (though the inability to speak might cause problems).

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