[RPG] Are there existing rules/lore for MTG planeswalkers


I'm a D&D fan and Magic: The Gathering fan.

I'd heard that Wizards of the Coast says that Magic: The Gathering planes are Dungeons and Dragons planes. I was so excited and full of idea of adventures.

In my research, I didn't see anything about planeswalkers from MTG.

Is there lore and/or written rule(s) supporting MTG planeswalkers? If so, what/where is it?

Best Answer

Yes, there are.

The rules for PC Planeswalkers are found in the appendix of the Plane Shift: Amonkhet document, available for free download on the WotC website. The rules themselves can be found in two paragraphs on the final page of the document, with the rest of the appendix discussing the implications of playing a Planeswalker PC.

Basically, a Planeswalker PC can planeshift to another plane by using a minute of concentration akin to a ritual spell casting, arriving at a location on the plane determined by the GM. Additionally, if reduced to 0 HP, they can make a Charisma save with a DC equal to the amount of damage they've taken to planeshift away rather than take the damage, with the GM determining what plane they arrive on.

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