[RPG] Are there female minotaurs


I wonder… Do the minotaurs in 4e have females of the species? Or do they just use humans to reproduce themselves? Or are they born in the void and come out of nowhere?

I've never seen any female minotaur in any of the illustrations…

Best Answer

Yes, there are female minotaurs.

Nothing in the race description specifies that the race is male-only (the way satyrs are explicitly male-only and hamadryads are explicitly female-only), ergo there must be female minotaurs.

It's just a hypothesis, but based on the people I've known who've played minotaurs, the reason there are no images of female minotaurs is that very few people play them. Also, a quick Google image search for 'female minotaur' yielded a relatively low total number of images, and most of those were... fetish-oriented... rather than heroic. There aren't a lot of minotaur images in 4e books in the first place, and the artists probably opted for the traditional depiction.

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