[RPG] Are there holidays in Eberron


Between the Sovereign Host, Silver Flame, and the cults of Vol and of the Dragon Below, are there any significant holidays or even a "festive season"?

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There are several of them scattered through the Faiths of Eberron. Sharn: City of Towers however lists several of them in one place. In annual order:

  • Rebirth Eve in celebration of the winter solstice (Silver Flame) on 14 Zarantyr
  • Bright Soul's Day is a Silver Flame version of the Christian All Saint's Day where those who died in service of the Silver Flame are remembered on 18 Olarune
  • Tirasday in celebration of the birth of Tira Miron (Silver Flame) on 5 Therendor
  • Sun's Blessing in celebration of Dol Arrah on 15 Therendor
  • Initiation Day in celebration of the founding of the Church of the Silver Flame on 11 Eyre
  • Baker's Night is a celebration of mysterious origin among the Silver Flame on 6 Dravago (in honor of Keith Baker, creator of the Eberron setting, presumably)
  • Aureon's Crown on 26 Dravago
  • Promisetide is a celebration among the Silver Flame of the Sovereign Host for 'stepping down' in deference to the Silver Flame on 28 Dravago
  • Brightblade in celebration of Dol Dorn on 12 Nymm
  • First Dawn is a celebration of the Church taking over Thrane on 21 Nymm
  • Silvertide is a celebration of the couatl on 14 Lharvion
  • The Hunt in celebration of Balinor on 4 Barrakas
  • Victory Day in celebration of the success of the Silver Crusade on 9 Barrakas
  • Fathen's Fall in memory of one of the heroes of the Silver Crusade on 25 Barrakas (may be specific to Sharn)
  • Boldrei's Feast on 9 Rhaan
  • The Ascension in celebration of the sacrifice of Tira Miron giving birth to the Silver Flame on 1 Sypheros
  • Wildnight in celebration the Fury on the night between 18-19 Sypheros
  • Rampartide is a day of fasting and repentance on 24 of Aryth
  • Long Shadows is a dark time remembering when Aureon created the first arcane spells, and Shadow with it on the nights of 26, 27, and 28 Vult
  • Khyersef is the specific name the Silver Flame uses for 27 Vult because Shadow is strongest then.

Blood of Vol has two special days which are not regular occurrences on the Galifar calendar: the Sacrament of Blood which occurs at irregular intervals throughout the year, and Revelations Day which occurs on 13 Crya (where Crya represents the lost thirteenth month).

The calendar in Sharn also places specific dates on the Day of Mourning (20 Olarune) and Thronehold (11 Aryth) which are secular celebrations.

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