[RPG] Are there limits to size for a Warshaper’s Morphic Weapons feature


Is there any limit to how much a Warshaper (Complete Warrior) can grow their limbs using their Morphic Weapons ability? As far as the rules say, it is possible for a Tiny creature to then grow to Colossal weapons with enough move actions.

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Quoting the ability: (Emphasis mine)

Morphic Weapons (Su): As a move action, a warshaper can grow natural weapons such as claws or fangs, allowing a natural attack that deals the appropriate amount of damage according to the size of the new form (see Table 5—1 on page 296 of the Monster Manual). These morphic weapons need not be natural weapons that the creature already possesses. For example, a warshaper polymorphed into an ettin (Large giant) could grow a claw that deals 1d6 points of damage, or horns for a gore attack that deals 1d8 points of damage. If the warshaper's form already has a natural weapon of that type, the weapon deals damage as if it were one category larger. For example, a warshaper who used wild shape to become a dire wolf (Large animal) could grow its jaw and snout, enabling a bite attack that deals 2d6 points of damage (as a for Huge animal), not the normal 1d8. A warshaper can change morphic weapons as often as it likes, even if it is using a shapechanging technique such as the polymorph spell or the wild shape class feature that doesn't allow subsequent changes after the initial transformation.

I understand from the description that you can grow natural weapons according to the size of the shape you turn into, or if the shape you turned into already has natural weapons, you can enhance them to act as ONLY one size category larger. So I believe, that it's actually a matter of what kind of shape you chose to turn into, as the prestige class has a shapechanger type perequisite.

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