[RPG] Are there official stats for an Illithid “Elder Brain”


During an episode of Critical Role, the PCs battle an Illithid Elder Brain. I tried to find out more about this creature for possible inclusion in a campaign, but it barely has a mention in the Illithid section of the Monster Manual (just a sentence stating that it exists), and I can't find any stat blocks for it.

Is this a creature with an official 5e stat block, or something houseruled? If there are official 5e stats for it, in which publication could I find them?

Best Answer

Official Stats are in Volo's Guide to Monsters

Volo's Guide to Monsters (released November 2016) includes many additional Illithid variants and related creatures. One of these is the Elder Brain.

The official Elder Brain description can be found on pages 173 and 174 of Volo's Guide and includes lair actions, regional effects, a full stat block, and lore on the nature of the Elder Brain.

But Matt Mercer's Elder Brain is homebrewed

Matt Mercer's Elder Brain appeared well before the publication of Volo's Guide, and thus is distinctly homebrewed. Additionally, Matt himself has stated:

...and at full strength [the Elder Brain] is a CR 20 creature.

This doesn't line up at all with the official publication, which only has a CR of 14. A quick search didn't turn up any exact stats for his Elder Brain, only a meager collection from the third party critical role stats site which has the following information:

  • Elder Brain First Appearance: 10 K’Varn Revealed
  • Armor Class 18 (at weakest), 20 (before party flees)
  • 320 damage taken and “not on death’s door yet”