[RPG] Are there other ways of knocking someone out besides bringing them to 0 hit points


In the PHB it says that if a melee attack you make reduces an enemy to 0 hitpoints, you can chose to knock them out. My question is, is there any way to knock out an enemy with out hurting them to the point of death? I mean as in punching an opponent in his temples, hit him w/ a club, etc. I am not including spells like sleep, etc.

Best Answer

To answer your question from a rules-as-written perspective, no. There are no rules for sapping, choking, cold-clocking, etc. that would allow you to bring an enemy to unconscious without first dropping their HP to 0.

I should point out something, though: choosing to knock a character unconscious at 0 HP instead of letting them go to the dying stage is specifically not hurting them to the point of death. In D&D 5e, characters don't die when they reach 0 HP, and they don't even start dying unless their attacker wants them to die at 0HP.

Otherwise, it's pulling the last punch so they safely fall unconscious at 0HP. This does not, however, prevent them from going into dying if they take further damage.

On the other hand, there may be other ways. For example, Drow (the 1/4 CR monster entry from the MM, pg 138 maybe?) have a poison effect on their crossbow attacks that knocks the target unconscious for an hour if the CON save fails by more than 5. I'm sure there are ways for PCs to get poisons that behave similarly. As with many things in 5e, this is more in the realm of "ask your DM" than it is in the realm of hard rules.