[RPG] Are there published airship rules for AD&D


I have some players interested in airships. You'd think these rules existed somewhere in one of the campaign settings or a Dragon magazine. Do any?

I'm thinking of things like flight speeds, costs, size or weight, etc.

I'm trying not to go the Spelljammer route.

Best Answer

There was a series of articles published in Dragon Magazine from issue 153 (Jan 1990) to issue 188 (Dec 1992) called “The Voyage of The Princess Ark”. The article series followed the voyages of an Alphatian Skyship and was set in the D&D world of Mystara. The articles were later compiled together to form a boxed set called Champions of Mystara: Heroes of The Princess Ark.

Whilst this series were set in Mystara and used Basic D&D rules, BD&D rules are compatible with AD&D and could be adapted to either AD&D 1e or 2e.

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