[RPG] Are we doing mild consequences and stress right


After reading through the book and reading up on consequences, i can't help but feel that we might be treating stress and mild consequences the wrong way. Say we've just been in a fight, after the fight ends that's considered, for the most part, the end of a scene right? And if i recall correctly stress and mild consequences heal after a scene. So, are we doing this right or am i missing/misreading something?

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No. You're not.

  1. Seven is right - the end of a fight isn't the end of a scene. It can be, but it isn't necessarily - especially if you lose. Fleeing a failed assault does not grant Stress recovery!
  2. Mild consequences last until the end of the scene AFTER they get to start recovery. Just stopping a fight doesn't start recovery.

EDIT: Mild consequences are cleared at the end of the scene after the one in which recovery begins. I never let PCs begin recovery in the same scene in which a consequence was invoked - those are two very separate emotional beats and I can't see how they'd be in the same scene. Here's a more detailed breakdown:

At some point, you have a fight and take a consequence, that's one scene.

When you go home and have a breather, talking with your compatriots about the consequences of that fight and where to go next, that's another scene. If in this scene injured players get tended to and shocked / rattled players get to relax or rest, then you can count this as the scene in which recovery begins.

Next, they players go to the bad guy's stronghold - they have to press the advantage their victory brought while they can. They still have all of their consequences.

When the scene above ends, the mild consequences which began recovery as stated, are now cleared. Any new consequences incurred since then cannot even begin recovery!

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