[RPG] As a player with ADHD, how to avoid disrupting the game


I read a question by a DM wanting to know how to work with a player who cites ADHD as reason for disruptive behavior.

Almost all answers are of course things the DM could do. Now I am wondering, what can I do as the player with ADHD to prevent myself from disrupting the game?

On my turn in combat I often have to ask what just happened because I was distracted (even in simple fights), sometimes I can't help to interrupt (or at least not pay attention to) the DM while she tells important things, and I'm always the first to call things like "I want to make an investigation check" depriving others of their chance. I am aware of it, and I want to stop doing so. But getting angry at myself and trying to suppress everything doesn't seem to work, and most often it even makes it worse.

One answer to the question I read suggests the DM to tell the player to take ownership of their condition, or tell him to leave if he doesn't. Fair enough. I am a player who wants to take ownership of their condition. But how can I do that?

Best Answer

I have ADHD too. And I find super hard to play as a player: it's a cognitive disability like many others. So I GM, because it keeps me engaged and busy.

I recommend making the game more engaging for yourself. Draw the map. Keep notes. Keep the diary. Keep the party shared kit, herd the mules, play a more complicated character.

Otherwise, I just recommend to be more deliberately mindful. Mindfulness helped me a lot with my ADHD, both for daily activities and emotional stability. Try picking up meditation, or going to a mindfulness-orientated Buddhist temple near you.