[RPG] At what level can a fighter gain damage reduction


Being new to D&D, I'm very intrigued with damage reduction. Creating a new level 1 fighter, I'm trying to acquire damage reduction, but have been unable to find a way to do it at first level, or a shortest path.

What is the quickest way to gain damage reduction from a character-creation and development standpoint?

I believe we're only using the Core, and Advanced Pathfinder books. Other credible sources would probably be acceptable, however.

Best Answer

A barbarian can get DR early, at second level, by taking the "Invulnerable Rager" archetype from the APG.

A monk can get DR at level 13 if taking the Drunken Master archetype or level 9 if taking the Monk of the Sacred Mountain archetype.

Sadly there is no archetype to give actual fighters DR early; there are a variety of types but it's all at 19th level.

If you are from Irrisen you could take the "Fey Foundling" local feat which gives DR 1/cold iron; that applies to any class.

Anyone can gain DR at any level with a level 12 bard with the Savage Skald archetype singing at 'em. Or by wearing adamantine armor.

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