[RPG] Bad match with a gaming group, how to leave


I have sometimes joined groups whose play style didn't work for me. At some point it became clear that as much as I wanted to enjoy the game I couldn't. And I was probably undermining the fun at the table for others too.

What is the best way to leave the group? Quietly or with a few explanations? Announce it in person or by email/phone/forum? Is it OK to recruit players from the group for another game?

Best Answer

Be honest and polite, and you can't go far wrong. Explain what's not working for you; it may even be that the group responds by fixing the problems, and you can stick with it.

As for recruiting the players, as long as they're happy to join your game, and you're not doing something underhand like setting the game up at the same time as the one you're leaving, then of course it's okay. You can offer, and it's their choice if they want to join.

Either way, it is best to be upfront and honest about it. Unless they're a really antisocial bunch, or the group always communicates via another method, you should let them know face-to-face, or at least on the phone.