[RPG] Balancing a mixed game in nWoD


Jadasc raised a great point here.

There are few problems that can challenge a mage that won't completely outclass a vampire, unless the vampires are extraordinarily experienced or well connected and the mages are barely out of apprenticeship.

Add to this changelings and werewolves and who knows what else from the World of Darkness game, and it can lead to a very unbalanced set of characters.

At what point do each of the 'races' become balanced with respect to each others' abilities, if at all?
Is such a group possible?

Edit: An example from a comment I made:

If I am playing a Vampire/Promethean game, should the Vampires start at two blood points? Should they be given some XP to level the playing field? Or should the Promethean players be handi-capped? Is it a case of working the story and challenges within so both 'races' can contribute equally?

How had this changed for new splats/editions?

Best Answer

Jon Chung, a known expert at optimizing for White Wolf games, lays it out this way:

  • Tier 0: Mortals
  • Tier 1: Minor Templates
  • Tier 2: Vampire/Werewolf
  • Tier 3: Changeling/Promethean

    Linear vs exponential split

  • Tier 4: Geist
  • Tier 5: Mage

His suggestion is that mixed games work best when you don't go more than one tier apart or cross the linear/exponential gap. For example, it's his contention that there's no amount that could make vampires and mages equivalent; the sheer scope of the Arcana to which mages have access rapidly dwarfs the capabilities of a vampire. His suggestion would be to use something like the rules from World of Darkness: Second Sight or Hunter: Witch Finders, which give the feel of magic users without the power of awakened mages. A Tier 2/3 game might work, especially if it's one that is, as you describe, more focused on intrigue than on conflict.

In response to your secondary question -- mostly that last idea. The Created are going to be magical and physical powerhouses compared to the vampires... but they have massive problems when dealing with humans and have limited access to certain Merits. Emphasize the different arenas where the types are strongest, and you'll have a balanced game.

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