[RPG] be a Circle of the Moon druid and still be the only healer of the party


I'm in a party of 5 others + me, with a rogue, ranger, paladin, warlock, and fighter.

I love being a Circle of the Moon druid, but also I feel the obligation to fill the healer role (a bit of pressure from the party, but I don't mind too much because druid is my favorite class).

Can I participate in combat and still be a good healer?

Best Answer

Not a problem.

First, healers are not mandatory. There are other ways of handling the situation that don't require a dedicated healer spot.

Second, a circle of the moon druid is a fine healer, as long as everyone can wait until after the fight for healing (which is a good thing to shoot for anyway). You still have all the same casting slots that any other druid does, but you also have shapeshifting. The more time you spend in combat shapeshifted, the less reason you have to burn spell slots on attack spells (and thus the more you can spare for after-battle healing).

Third, the Moon Druid excels at being a HP sponge that doesn't himself require healing. Your damage output in beast form is going to be on the weak side, compared to the full-melee classes, but every attack that it soaks up is an attack that you won't have to spend resources healing later - all that damage just falls off when you shift back.

You'll be fine.