[RPG] Best Healing Potion Possible


I have built a lvl 20 fighter with the ability to chug potions/Drinks as a swift action. I don't remember how I got that power, but as best as I remember it applies to all drinkable substances. What are the best potions he can get with a dedicated budget of 100,000 gold (left after other gear)? He needs to be able to have multiple of potions and they need to heal as much as possible each round.

I have built this character to chug potions as a rule of cool and it is part of the personality and he is only meant to be a one off character who fights a member of our party.

As this is a lvl 20 character he will have the gold, resources and contacts needed to have just about any level caster of whatever specialty he needs to make the potion for him.

Best Answer

Assuming you're limited to just potions, the very best you can do is a CL 15 potion of cure serious wounds. That would heal for 3d8+15, and cost 2250g. This is assuming you can find a level 15 caster to brew them for you.

However, if he has an alchemist friend with the Infusion discovery, and his ability allows him to drink extracts, then the best he could do is a CL 15 Heal extract, which would heal for 150. I'm not sure how you would price such an extract, but if you use the potion pricing rules, it would cost 4500g.