[RPG] Bomb based alchemist builds


I'm looking for help with building a bomb-slinging alchemist at level 10. Assume 25 point buy for initial generation. The focus is getting the most effective bomb usage possible. Fast bombs is clearly desired the moment it becomes a legal choice allowing for multiple attacks due to BAB progression, rapid shot feat, and possibly other options. Source options are Core, Advanced Players Guide, Ultimate Magic, and Ultimate Combat. Which class-related options should I be considering? I do not need a complete character build.

Best Answer

It's important to note that (with Fast Bombs) you can throw bombs with both hands if you get the Two Weapon Fighting feats, and this stacks with Rapid Shot. This lets a 10th level alchemist throw five bombs a round at +3/+3/+3/-2/-2 (before adding Dex or point-blank). Not very high, but you don't need that high a bonus. Personally I'd go this route before going for Rapid Shot, simply because you can continue gaining more attacks as you spend more feats.

You're also likely to want dispelling bombs for the sheer utility.