[RPG] Bows in ShadowRun: How to calculate the damage


In the SR4 rulebook 20th Anniversary edition, Bows damage assisted as (STR min+2)p yet later on, in the rulebook it says to calculate the base damage as the lowest of the bow and arrow rating.

To clarify, this is the relavent text:

Bows have minimum strength ratings that indicate the minimum Strength a character must have to use that weapon….The weapon's minimum Strength rating is also used to determine the weapon's range and damage. Material science limits high-tech bows to a maximum strength rating of 8. Calculate base damage using the lower value of the bow rating and arrow rotting.

Now, that leaves me scratching my head. Is that to say the bow damage is (STR min+2+rating)p? Or is through damage listed in the table for a rating 2 bow? That would make the bow damage (STR min+rating)p where rating is the minimum of the bow and arrow rating?

Best Answer

That is to say that the your DV is a minimum of (arrow rating, bow base DV).

Bow base DV is confusing. First, STR min = bow rating. Second, it was listed in different printings as (STR min) + 2P and as (STR min)P; I personally go with the former. Third, rating is capped at 8 (or at 6 during chargen). Fourth, total bow damage (net hits included) is capped at 1.5xrating (don't remember a source on this one, though; I personally don't use this rule anyway).

So, the base DV of a bow shot is a minimum of (arrow rating, bow rating + 2)P.

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