[RPG] breed and train an arthe of wild rats


I’m playing a blind (but with 60ft blind-sight) half-elf bard with animal handling and animal friendship in a D&D 5e game.

I'm interested in capturing two wild rats and breeding them into any army that scouts, attacks and defends on command.

Is this doable? I looked into litter sizes, gender ratios and gestation periods. I assume 600 rats in a year’s time.

Best Answer

Judging from this question, there are no rules for training animals, so right off the bat you are entering homebrew territory.

If your DM is willing, then maybe you could train rats to help you. You can use spells such as Beast Bond and Speak With Animals to try and communicate with them. Talk to them, bribe them, and train them using these spells. (Animal Friendship may not help much, other than to let you try to persuade it, which wouldn't work unless you are speaking with it.)

Disclaimer: A rat's INT score is 2. Training it may be very difficult.

All in all, it is up to your DM whether or not you can do this.