[RPG] Brutal and Crit Dice (from High-Crit or Magic Weapons)


How does a brutal weapon interact with crit dice that are granted through a magic weapon or a high-crit weapon?


  1. +2 Magic Mordenkrad, 2d6, Brutal 1. 2d6 on critical hit. Obviously the dice rolled for [W] damage are brutal 1. Are the 2d6 crit dice brutal 1 as well or are they treated as normal dice?

  2. Mundane Executioner's axe. d12, Brutal 2, high-crit. The dice rolled for normal [W] damage are Brutal 2. Are the [W] dice granted by high-crit brutal 2 as well?

Best Answer

  1. No the extra 2d6 are not brutal. Dice granted via a magic weapon are not [W] damage, but extra dice.
  2. Yes, the extra dice granted by high-crit are brutal as they are specifically [W] damage.

From the Adventurer's Vault FAQ

I am wielding a magic weapon with brutal 2. If I roll a critical hit, do I get to re-roll 1s and 2s when I roll for the bonus damage?

No, the brutal weapon trait only applies to rolls for normal weapon damage, signified by [W]. The bonus damage for critical hits does not qualify for this. However, because high crit adds a [W] roll (or 2[W] or 3[W] depending on your level), you would get to re-roll any 1s or 2s.