[RPG] buy a good, but cheap D&D board?


I'm looking to buy a real D&D game board, with all the pieces and brand new, but all i can find are extremely expensive sets. I am based in the UK and am looking to spend up to a max of £50, preferably less. Also, is there a certain board that i should buy? I know there are certain ones that you can build and others that are pre built, which one is better?

Best Answer

D&D isn't really a board game, per se. You can make a map, spread it out on a table, and put pieces on it to keep track of what's going on, and many people do this. But D&D doesn't come with one, and you don't really need one to play.

This said, the folks behind D&D have made some board games based on specific adventures. Castle Ravenloft is based on an old classic, for example, while The Legend of Drizzt is based on a series of novels that was itself spawned from a popular setting. I haven't actually played these, but I hear good things about them. The board games aren't really D&D, despite the branding, but they might make a decent introduction to some of the concepts behind it.