[RPG] Campaign suggestions for a new DM and new PCs


I'm new to D&D, in general. I've been a PC in a dozen or so campaigns and I've DM'd four campaigns, which I wrote. I've decided that it would improve my DM'ing writing/running abilities if I ran a pre-made campaign, and I'm looking for suggestions.

Specifically, what I'm looking for is a short, simple campaign that I can find online (preferably for free, though I'm willing to buy it). I'm in Alaska, in a little town where there is no store at which I can buy books, mags, etc.

I'd like the game to be something I could run with 3-6 PCs. Here's the key thing: I plan to run this campaign online (again, because of the lack of interest in RPGs in my small town), in a turn-based setting (specifically RPoL.net).

Ideally, I'd like to find a "crawl" or something similar. It could be something that allowed for the opportunity to expand into a lengthier story under the right circumstances, or something that could just as easily be a one-off series of encounters.

Anyway, if you know of something that meets these criteria, please let me know. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Oh, and yes, I'm aware of:


But I worry that if it's too easy to find. Players can just look up what I'm doing, what's coming next, or how to solve a certain situation. So, I'm looking for something a little harder to find.

Best Answer

In addition to the free adventures listed on http://www.dungeonmastering.com/campaigns-adventures/83-free-dd-adventures

If you're really concerned about your players reading up on the adventure, I would recommend finding an adventure you like and then re-skinning it.

Change up some names and perhaps also the races of the monsters, and you get the benefit of using someone else's work, while making it much less recognizable.