[RPG] Can a Bag of Holding be opened from the inside


The party rogue found a suit of armor that happened to have an evil soul bound to it. He unwittingly stuffed it into his bag of holding to sell the suit of armor later. The animated suit of armor does not need to breathe and to my understanding is floating about inside the bag. I was planning on having the suit attempt to open the bag from the inside and climb out when the party was sleeping.

Is this legit?

Best Answer

According to the item properties in the DMG, no, it can only be opened from the outside. Specifically, items inside require an action to be retrieved.

(To satisfy those who have asked: the word retrieve, as used here, is a transitive verb with an implied indirect object, usually the same as the subject. The direct and indirect objects of a transitive verb can very rarely, if ever, be the same in English. Therefore, no, something can't retrieve itself, because that doesn't make sense.)

However, YOUR bag of holding does not have to be the bag of holding presented in the book. If you say that it can happen in your campaign, then it can. Never let minor mechanical details get in the way of the story (being mindful of your players, of course).