[RPG] Can a bard use a greatsword


So I'm still relatively a newbie when it comes to rulings on using weapons and such, but I was wondering is it feasible for a level 1 bard (human or half elf most likely) starting out to be able to wield a two-handed great sword?

That being said the idea is the bard will mostly be a healer of sort, but for role playing purposes it's that he's from a clan/family of swordsman and warriors so he aspires to be one and refuses to give up on wielding a mighty greatsword.

Are there any requirements etc?

Best Answer

Well technically you could wield anything as a weapon, you just wouldn't have much success with it (you do not add your proficiency bonus to attacks, which is a +2 at 1st level). To be competent with a weapon, you need proficiency with it. Bards do not get proficiency with two-handed swords, so you have two options:

  1. If the variant human is allowed by your GM, you can take the Weapon Master feat at 1st level, and choose greatsword as one of the four weapons you gain proficiency with.
  2. If you are willing to wait until 3rd level, you can pick the College of Valor and gain proficiency with all martial weapons (including the greatsword).