[RPG] Can a Bard use Inspiration Dice and Cutting Words when casting a spell with a Wisdom Save


I am playing a level 5 bard, stolen away from my group to the underdark by a mindflayer. I have 28 HP, two third level spells slots, and no weapons.

I'm in deep trouble, but I think if I cast Suggestion and suggest the mindflayer takes me back to my group, I think my group can defeat it.

I want to give Suggestion everything I've got – use Inspiration Dice to make the check higher and use Cutting Words against the creature's Wisdom Saving Throw.

Can I do that in the same turn?

Best Answer

You can't use Bardic Inspiration at all

Suggestion forces a saving throw on your target's part. Even if you could use Inspiration on your own ability checks -- which you can't, that's a high level ability -- it won't apply to this scenario.

You can't Cutting Words a saving throw

Your target's saving throws are unaffected by Cutting Words. You can only use that against ability checks, damage rolls, or attack rolls.

You can cast the spell twice

Since you have two slots left, if it succeeds the first saving throw, you can always cast it again. Effectively, this is burning through everything you have, but the Illithid has to pass both saving throws, which is similar to disadvantage.